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Date: 2005-05-28

Tell us a litte bit about the band and the members ?

Well kersey consists of Kris on guitar, Scott on guitar, Aaron on bass, Dave on the drums and myself on the mic. We started working together in May of 2004 after I was approached by Kris to join his band. And here we are today.

Give us a short definition about the Kerseys sound/style ?

I don’t know really how to describe our sound as there are a lot of different influences at work, everything from Helmet to The Accused. We have heard the word “unique” come out people mouths and that suits us just fine.

What kind of sound are your favs, whats the roots from Kerseys ?

The other guys are into stuff from early Metallica, Pennywise, Raisedfist. Helmet is a huge influence on the guitar players. For myself, I still love the stuff I grew up on like SNFU, The Stupids, Beyond Possession and so on….

Lets talk about the new 5 peace release "Bloodshot". Tell us a litte bit about the songs and the background ?

Bloodshot came together after many hours of writing, sweat and a one band member being kicked out. After Chris from Let It Burn said he wanted to work with us, it lit a fire under our asses. Lyrically, the songs are of my life and the things I see going on around me. An example is Torchsong. Its about the town were most of us are from, over the last five years almost all the horrendous crimes that have happened around Vancouver have happened here in Maple Ridge. Two in which young girls were involved were very sad and makes you wonder what is this place coming to.

How is the feedback about the new release and how is the response on your show ?

I cant read German so I have no idea about the feedback. In some ways I don’t care what people think of it as we are happy just playing and making new friends. I do get a lot of “it doesn’t sound like Strain” which is kinda funny as I guess people seem to forget that Strain is over 13 years old and the last thing I want to do is play in a band that sounds like my old one. The response at shows has been great, we just played a hometown show and everyone had a great time and were happy to be able to buy our cdep.

Are you working on an full length release in the next time ?

Yes we are. We are in the middle of writing right now and hope to record soon.

What is planed for the next time about european shows or shows in germany ?

We want to wait till we have a full length out before we cross the ocean but you never know.

Is there any sidebandproject from a Kerysy Member ?

Nope. Kris lends his talents to a friend doing acoustic work but asides that Kersey is the main focus.

Whats happen with strain, lets talk about a litte bit, is there anything planed for the next ?

Strain officially called it quits in 1997 after a stressful tour down to California. Chris left his drumming duties and the rest of us were a little burnt out. Brining in a new drummer was the last thing we wanted to do and we did but without Chris it wasn’t the same. Sean and John had Byathread going even back when Strain was in Europe in 96 and they felt it was time to make the Thread their main band. So to make along story short I received a call from Sean and he said he was out and since Sean and I started Strain there was no way I was going to go on without him. We finally played a last show in 2003 with Champion, Burden and Blue Monday and it was a great way to say thanks and to finally put Strain to rest.

Give us some last words for the Peoples ?

We hope to see all your smiling faces soon! Thanks Pierre!


Handle Me Down

Date: 2005-05-20

Why don´t you introduce KERSEY and its members at the beginning. When have the band been founded?

Jody- Kersey consists of Kris on guitar, Scott on guitar, Aaron on bass, Dave on drums and myself on vocals . The band was founded last year in May. We had a different bass Player at the time and he left after three months due to some differences.

Jody, your earlier band STRAIN split up in 2003. What were the reasons for this step and what are the biggest differences between STRAIN and KERSEY?

Jody- Strain actually broke up officially in 1997. The reason for the split varies on who you ask but my belief is that after Chris left his drumming duties we felt overwhelmed with trying to break in a new drummer. At the same time Sean and John had been working on Byathread and they saw a perfect time to push it to a full time project. Don’t worry all the ex-strain guys are all still really close and talk to each other all the time. The difference between Kersey and Strain is huge due largely in part to the fact it’s a different group of guys. I would never want to do a band that sounds like Strain at all since I spent 5 great years in that project I felt it was time to move forward.

The “Bloodshot“-EP is your first release. Just tell us something about the working process on this impressive five song piece of pure Hardcore.

Jody) the process to our song writing is many hours of writing. Kris and Aaron bring in the riffs and we just bang it out till something grows. As far as the vocals, I like what I call alone time. I just get a copy of a song on tape and spend some time writing and bring it back to the rest of Kersey.

“Bloodshot” is released through the German label “Let It Burn Records”. How came the contact and cooperation with the people of “Let It Burn”?

Jody) After we recorded our demo I just sent out some copies to different labels and Chris from Let It Burn was very interested. After many emails with each other we agreed to work together. And working with Chris has been great.

How were the reactions on your debut so far?

Jody) once people get over the “it doesn’t sound like Strain” part the reaction has been very encouraging and positive.

Do you think such a powerful fusion of modern Hardcore and consistence lyrics forces the people rather with its pure presence and raw power to think about the mischief in the world?

Jody) who would want it any different? Powerful music is usually helped with powerful lyrics. I would hope that lyrics would in some way make people think about a subject. You don’t have to agree but just thinking about the subject and forming an opinion is healthy.

In times like these it seems to be very easy to stand for political ideas. How do you judge this development? Does it raise the whole independent music sector onto a higher level of meaning or is it just reopened terrain for some bands to give themselves a personal image or even only follow the common voices and behaviour?

Jody) I honestly think times like this bring out the best in music. Anyone who was around punk rock back when Regan was president will tell you that that was one of the most important times in punk rock or hardcore.

Your songs are frequently based on political motivated topics. How important is a statement behind the music?

Jody) For me, lyrics are a very important statement. The music would seem soulless with out some integrity and emotion in the lyrics.

Where does the content of your songs originate from?

Jody) The lyrics are an extension of me put to paper. I would not know how to write about anything else.

Do your songs reflect the political attitude of each band member?

Jody) Yes they do. Although we are five very different people, we do share a common belief in the way things seem to be going around the world.

Is credibility the basis of every KERSEY-song ?

Jody) Very much so, credibility and integrity have always been important to me and those around me.

What inspires you and which bands do you listen to?

Jody) Speaking for my self, my inspiration dates back to when I discovered punk rock. Bands such as SNFU, Verbal Assault, Accused and Gorilla Biscuits were some of the reasons I wanted to be in a band. Life in general is a great inspiration and will always be.

In relation to this, how would you define the style of KERSEY in your own words?

Jody) I can’t define our sound as there are so many influences at work with in the band. From others I have heard the word “unique” when asked how we sound.


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