Sweet Jane Music

Date: 2004-04-25

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and your role in the band.

My name is Geoff and I play guitar for Saving Throw.

Could you please give us a short summary of the bands history. Which were from your point of view the most important moments in the life of Saving Throw?

We have been around for around 3 and half years now and have released a 7 song MCD, an EP, and a full length. In terms of stability, we have gone through a lot of members. Me and the singer (Kevin) are the only two originally members. That hasn't made that big of a dent on the music since I write the music and Kevin writes all the lyrics. At this current moment, we feel that we have a solid line up. We're all getting along better than we ever have and are all on the same page. Definitely touring with Fordirelifesake last summer was an important moment. Those guys are the best people ever. I would also probably say moving the songs in a different direction. We had been playing the same exact formula of songs for along time and we realized we had to do something to make the music more interesting for ourselves. Those songs are great but we didn't want the new songs to get monotonous.

Gratulations for your record "never race with time". How do you feel about the record. Are you confident with it, does the band sound the way you think it should?

Thanks. I am very happy with the writing aspect of it. With the recording, I'm really happy with how tight everything is. I kind of wish that the mix was a little stronger but all and all, everyone in the band is happy with it. We are definitely happy with the band's sound. I think we found our niche. That doesn't mean we might throw a curveball here and there but yeah, I think we found our 'thing'.

The record was already out in the US for quite a while. How was the response in the US? In Europe the record is out on Let it burn. Are you confident with their work? Which country is most important for you?

The response to the record in the US has been pretty good. There have been some people turned away by it because we did a few different things on there. But at the same time, people who normally don't listen to hardcore have gotten into the record and that is a huge compliment. Chris (guy who runs Let it Burn), is amazing. He has done an amazing job and we are all very happy with the work he has done. We haven't done any touring in Europe and the record does really well in Europe. So yeah, definitely a thumbs up on Chris. Which country is most important to me? Um, not sure. To be honest, the response in Germany has been really overwhelming. But also, kids in Japan have really supported us. It's atie between Germany and Japan.

What can people expect from a S.T. Live Show? How do you think about playing live compared to recording in a studio? Whats more important to you?

Good question. At the moment, we open up each set with Shades Gray (#7) on the record and play it out as a full song. Similar to something Mogwai may do on their new record (Killing all the Flies or Ratts of the Capital); in terms of how they build up on those songs. After that, we generally go directly into songs every few songs. We definitely have fun when we play live. Especially with the current line up we have. Playing live is fun and all but I definitely enjoy more recording than playing live. Some of the stuff done in the studio we obviously can't pull off live but then again, what band can? Recording really lets you try out new stuff and really open up the songs from their beginnings.

Which Bands inspire you as a band? What are your three records for eternity? What records are you looking forward to?

My favorite song writer would have to be Joey Cape. Anything Bad Astronaut or Lagwagon has done blows mind. Especially the Bad Astronautfull length. I kind of listen to a lot of stuff outside of hardcore that I would consider very influential in writing songs like Radiohead, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine. Those bands truly push outside the boundaries and really made/make creative music. In terms of hardcore though, I would definitely say Botch, Candiria, early Shai Hulud, Strongarm (Advent), Stretch Arm Strong (Rituals). But 3 records for eternity, I would say: Bad Astronaut - Houston: We have a Drinking Problem, Radiohead - Kid A, Botch - We are the Romans. In terms of up coming releases, I know Joey Cape is writing a new Bad Astronaut record. I have a feeling it won't be out until 2010 though.Sigur Ros is working on a new record. I'm sure that's going to be great. New Owen will be coming out pretty soon too. Oh yeah, new 12 Tribes.Those new songs sound amazing. This one smaller band from Pennsylvania by the name of the Minor Times should be coming out with a record soon.I'm really into them. They use math type stuff similar to Botch but definitely have their own niche.

You are labeled as a post-hardcore band (at least we did;-).What do you think about modern hardcore, its bands and development?

Wow, post-hardcore? That's really cool. When I think post-hardcore, I think of Quicksand and rock band stuff. That stuff is great. But I can see what you mean by post-hardcore. That's awesome. There are definitely some really good hardcore bands. I'm kind of out of the loop with new bands and such. A lot of bands seem to be getting heavier which is cool.The drummer (Bryan) and I talk about this a lot. Heavy is cool but hardcore is eventually going to get to the point where it's just straight up metal. It's going to be hard to tell the difference between hardcore and metal bands soon. But it's a cool thing. Bands are definitely progressing and just doing the same formula so that's great.

The vocals on the record turned out very extreme. A lot of other bands made a great development concerning vocals. Are you confident with yours? As you are quite young, where do you see most potential for developing?

Thanks. Yes, we are definitely confident with how the vocals turned out.The vocals obviously play a huge part with the music. Kevin definitely compliments the music in a way that no one else could. I could definitely see potential for developing along the way. We'll get Kevin going on vocal effects like Thom York or Cedric from the Mars Volta. Haha, just kidding. But yeah, I'm sure Kevin will do something interesting stuff vocally.

This is a very often discussed threat: what do you think about theinternets influence on peoples approach to music? Do you think filesharing and mp3s are a good thing? From our point of view record companys should use those possibilities rather than to sue users. How doyou feel about that?

I fully agree with you. I'm not going to lie, I download songs all the time. But I end up buying the record if I like it. As a consumer, I use downloading as a way to test the product. If I really enjoy it, I get the full layout, lyrics, liner notes, etc... There's nothing like having an actual copy of a record. Especially with a lot the records I listen to. Most of the songs run into each other. It gets so annoying when listening to the Appleseed Cast Low Levels Owl dics and having skips in between songs. But yes, in the way I use it, I feel it is a good thing. People do get out of hand with it. In the eye of the band, you don't really see that much money off of a record but your label is definintely getting screwed over. The one thing I don't get is you download music and may love a record but there's nothing like getting your hands on an actual cd or record of an album. It's kind of processional for me I guess. But it's in the record companies hands to deal with the issue. Things that Mac will be doing will definitely revolutionize the music industry. Instead of fighting against, they are making an effort to work with the labels and I feel that is the method to take. There's a huge audience of people downloading, why not try to bring all that of that together in one central market. Hopefully it becomes huge and Microsoft can go under. Haha, I hate Microsoft related products. But back to issue at hand, Indie labels definitely bring it up but it seems that majors are the ones that really go off about it, which is absurd. Not because they have lots of money, but they do put a lot in bands (promotion, studio, advertising). A lot of the bands they put money into are primarily one hit wonder types. They have big song and the rest of the record is crap and doesn't go anywhere. Think about how much money is lost when a band has one hit and they are dropped from the major. The band I'm sure is completely in debt and so is the label. If majors could concentrate on signing artists with real credibility talent, this would be much less of an issue.

an easy one at last: what are you future plans with Saving Throw?

Ah, after that huge rant this is nice. We will be hopefully doing a bunch of touring this summer and by the end of summer I'm sure we'll be writing for the next record. But besides that, we will just be playing shows off the record and ultimately having fun.


Take the Risk Magazine

Date: 2004-04-06

Hi there! Lets start with the official shit, so how long are Saving Throw around now, what is your position in the band and why do you think this position fits perfectly to you as a person!

We’ve been around for 3 and half years. I play guitar, write the songs and do most of the business end with the band. I’ve been involved with music for a while so obviously doing a band makes sense. Writing music is something that no matter how long you do it, there are always ways of improvement. It’s a process. I take a bunch of Management classes so there may be some affiliation to the business part in the band.

Your new album “Never Race With Time” has definitely turned many heads, so what do you think about the reactions so far? Is there a certain place on the world where the positive reactions stood-out the most? For some reason many bands have their biggest success in Japane – any explanation for that?!

The reactions to the record have been good. I think some people have been turned away from it that liked the previous releases, but also people who don’t normally listen to hardcore have gotten into the record. But all and all, they have been good. Our best reactions have probably been in Europe so far. It’s done really well in Japan as well. I have no clue why bands do better in Japan. Our older EP did really well there. Actually, it probably did better in Japan than anywhere else. I think kids in Japan probably care more about the content of the music rather than the political or popularity issues. Same thing with Europe too. They are probably more open to new things.

You guys are from the well known city of Syracuse/NY, a place that once was famous for bands such as Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance, Another Victim and many more, so what’s going on with the scene right now? Is their still a vibe of “ultra-militance” in the air?

Not any more. That died out about 5 years ago or so. A lot of those guys are still into music and everything but a lot of the people disappeared. Some are still involved with militance but not at the level that it once was.

Are Saving Throw already running on full-time? I guess not, so what are your jobs like or are you guys students?

Yeah you guessed right. We are not a full-time band. We all either work, go to school, or do both. I am finishing up college right now and work part-time at a Grocery store. I also build websites on the side. Kevin (singer) has a good position at a Gas Station. Bryan (drummer) is part-time going to school and just started a telemarketing job. Jarod (bass) is currently on tour with another band but he works odd jobs. He’ll actually be back in a few days. Ian (guitar) is going to school as well.

Two things surprised me the most about your band. Lets start with the first: how comes it, that an US band signs to an european label and how is it like working with the indeed awesome Let It Burn Rec.?

Our first release was put out on a label in England actually so we got a lot of press in Europe. We released an EP after that on Blatherskyte and soon after Chris (Let it Burn) contacted us about doing a split US/Euro release with Blatherskyte. Chris I believe found out about us through various Europe webzines and other websites. He did a great job with the EP so we wound up doing the full length with him too. Let it Burn is amazing. He really put a lot into the band and so far we are very happy with everything. He has promoted the record really well and really puts all he can into it.

Another thing that surprised me was reading you guys are a three-piece right now. Honestly, I can’t imagine how you play your songs live, since the tunes on your album have two guitars, right?!

Around the time of the recording, we had parted ways with the other guitar player and bass player, which really wasn’t that big of a deal. I primarily write all the music and had played guitars and bass on all the other previous recordings. We just didn’t have a full line up at the time. Since the recording, we got a new bass player and recruited the old guitar player. So far, things have been going really well. It seems like this is going to be a steady line up.

You guys get often compared to bands like Strongarm and for all Shai Hulud. Kill Your Idols once wrote a song called “Stop Comparing Us To Negative Approach”, so can we expect the track “Stop Comparing Us To Shai Hulud” on your next album? Which bands inspired you the most?

Ha, that’s pretty funny on Kill Your Idols part. We should do that. I have the first KYI record. It’s good. We do get that a bunch but it’s cool. Strongarm and Shai Hulud are great bands. To be honest, we don’t listen to much hardcore. We started the band with this sound so we want to continue to progress in this direction. Plus, it’s very natural to play this style of music for us. In terms of stuff that inspires me, I am a huge Joey Cape fan. I love Lagwagon but Bad Astronaut is my favourite band. With relation to the band, definitely Botch, Candiria, are huge influences. None hardcore, Radiohead, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, NOFX, No Use for a Name, and so on. I could talk about music all day.

The artwork of “Never Race With Time” looks absolutely decent and captures a thick atmosphere. How important is a well put together artwork to you and do you have kind of a favorite artwork of all time?

Thank you. Artwork is very important. I hate it when a band slacks off with their artwork. They could put out an amazing record musically, but the artwork may be lacking. It’s very disappointing. My favourite artwork would probably be Radiohead-Kid A. That or either Sigur Ros-( ). Both pieces of artwork don’t contain words but the artwork compliments the musically perfectly. Much better than any words could have done.

Your lyrics are partly very thoughtful and personal and fit perfectly to your bands sounds. I often feel like growing up is a pretty hard process, that can really scare the shit out of you, but strengthen you at the same time. Anyway, it’s a struggle, so what are your experiences with that and do you think the current negativity in hardcore has something to do with that?

Thanks. This is more of a question for Kevin but yeah I would say they would. Kids that get involved into hardcore get involved for a reason so I’m sure there is some kind of connection between the lyrics and the personality of the style of music. I think from Kevin’s point of view, they go along with what you’re saying. They are personal yet at the same time I’m sure it’s therapeutic.

To come to something totally different, what are your thoughts towards hardcore bands that sign to majors? Thinking of the amazing releases by Thrice, Poison The Well and Thursday I’ve doubts the “sell-out” theme is still actual in todays indie-music scene.

That’s great for them. They are making a living off what they love. Only a small percentage of bands can do that. Plus all those bands are doing it their way. If anything, all those bands releases on the major label are more in the direction away from mainstream. They didn’t make go in the direction of trying to reach a particular audience. And even they did, if it’s a good record, who cares. People get too hung up on the whole sell out thing. Look at the music. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

To come to an end, what are Saving Throw’s future plans? Any certain goals, maybe playing Hellfest on the main-stage or whatever?

We definitely want to go to Europe or even Japan would be amazing. Our friends in Fordirelifesake went there and said it was the best experience. We saw like 10 hours of video footage and it looks amazing. Yes, main stage hellfest would be an amazing feat but we’ll have to see. I lived in Japan for a few years on an American Air Force Base in Fusa Shi (I can’t spell it). I would really like to go back some time. We are going to do some touring off the full length over this summer. Hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll get back to writing as well.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!


You are Not Alone Magazine

Date: 2004-03-26

Can you tell the history of Saving Throw?

The History of Saving Throw starts on October 31, 2001. It started when Geoff(guitar), Dave(Ex Bassist) and Myself(Kevin-Singer) left a band we were in to start Saving Throw. We had ,very quickly, found a drummer(Dustin who is now not a member) and ,within a couple of weeks recorded a Demo. A few months later, right before the summer of 2001, we had icked up another guitar player(Ian) and had finished our seven song CDLP, “Where is Solidarity in an Unfaithful World” which was released on Caught in the Rain Records out of the UK. After numerous fill ins and/or new members(14 or 15 to be exact) we had signed we had recorded a 3 song Ep, “We’re Never on Good Terms with the Light” which was released on Blatherskyte Records in the U.S. and Let it Burn Records in Germany in the summer of 2002. After touring our Ep and making more member adjustments, we went back into the studio to record our full lenth CD “Never Race With Time” which was also released on Blatherskyte and Let it Burn in the fall of 2003. Since then we have been playing shows and hanging out. Our current line up is Geoff(guitar), Bryan(drums), Jarod(bass) and myself(vocals).

You just released your new album (Never race with time) and there’s something that’s particularly remarkable. On the Let It Burn website you’re described as a 5 piece band, on your own website you’re a 4 piece band and in the booklet of the album I see just 3 guys. Can you please explain how things are concerning the line-up? And how can it happen that all these different kinds of information are given?

Well as you can see in the first question our current line up is given. During most of the writing and recording of the CD we had lost two members so we decided to just have three of us in the book. After the CD was finished we grabbed a new bass player. We can’t seem to hang onto a second guitar player so we are frequently going back and forth from a 4 to a five piece, although live we are always seen as a five piece. We just like to make things interesting for people I guess. We are a strange crowd.

How are things going with the band? Are you satisfied with the touring opportunities and attention from press, fans and labels? Cause you released you 1st release on a British label and not on a US label. How did that happen?

Things are good. We are all busy with life so sometimes we can’t use what we have put in front of us. But we would like to tour more. We have offers a lot but finacialy we can’t always afford to and most of us are trying to get an education so that gets in the way as well. Are labels give us what we need I guess. They are fairly small but they work hard for us and that is what counts. Our fans, especially in Europe and Asia, are great. I wish we could always be there for them but, like I said, it is hard sometimes. With our first record, we just got an email from Mark at Caught in the Rain Records in England and he said he wanted to put it out. He worked hard with it and we were happy with it so it worked out good I guess.

No you have found yourself a US and a European label. How did you get in contact with Let It Burn records (not a real big label)?

Um…Geoff knows more about that, but if I had to guess I would say the internet. I think Chris somehow found us. How, I don’t know, but he did.

This album was recorded in August 2003 (half a year ago). Why took it so long before the actual release of the album?

Sometimes it takes a little longer than expected to finalize these things. I think we had a couple of recording booboos that we had to fix at the last minute, but it’s out and we are happy.

Can you explain what kind of music you guys make for the people who haven’t heard Saving Throw before? (What are the influences and how can they be heard in the ST sound?)

We make technical and extremely melodic hardcore music. Our influences are to strange to say but I can tell you they really aren’t based around hardcore bands. Most of us listen to punk rock and indie type stuff with a touch of everything else.

And what about the influences on the lyrics?

My influences are my family/friends, enemies, what makes me angry, sad, or happy and what I may want out of life. I don’t really have a writing style in comparison to anyone or I don’t try to atleast.

Kevin is ‘responsible’ for all the lyrics … what inspires you to write lyrics? What do you hope to achieve with the lyrics?

My feelings are my only inspiration. I hope that if someone reads them that they can understand them or relate to them, whether they like them or not.Some questions about the words; First of all can you explain why we shouldn’t race with time? (What’s the meaning of the album title?)We shouldn’t race with time because time is all we have. We should hold on to life as long as we can. We shouldn’t always depend on the clock. Just go with the flow and live our lives. We can’t beat time because time will always win in the end.That is what “never race with time” means.

What attracts my attention reading the lyrics are the many questions you put in songs and most of it is written from your own perspective (I-form), why?

Because the lyrics general come from my perspective. It’s my way of telling someone something or yelling at someone. I can’t just yell wherever I go so I do it on paper. They are based on my opinions or feelings without trying to be biased.

Can you explain the lyrics of the song: “A habit, not a hangover”?

This song is about people we have had in our band that did nothing but spend their money on beer and complained about everything, and they weren’t doing anything for the band. It is a personal song. I hope they have read the lyrics and understand what they mean.

“My reward”?

This song is about spoiled people who take things for granted and walk all over les fortunate people. People who think money is everything and that the car they drive gives them status in society.

After ¾ of the album the song Shades of grey is recorded. Can you explain the function and the meaning of this distinguished song?

Well we focus more on writing music than anything so we wanted to put a song in there that was strictly that. The name was supposed to be our album name but we had to change it so we made it a song name.

You’re an US band. How important are the upcoming elections for the nation USA? (How important do you think they are and what’s the opinion in general in the USA?)

Well I think the U.S. is based around money. If you don’t have it you don’t matter and if you do have it you are a step ahead of everyone. I think that is messed up. I hope our new president is better than our last one. I don’t vote because I don’t think it will change anything.

How do you think non Americans look upon the US political system?I know a lot of them hate American policy. Others probably love America because their country may be a lot worse. We are more free but it still isn’t all that amazing. What do you think of President Bush? Are you satisfied with what he ‘achieved’ in the past 4 years and what do you think he’ll do when he is re-elected?

I hate Bush. I think he is way to undereducated to run a country. I hope he doesn’t get re-elected.

What’s you opinion on the commercials Bush had launched where the 9/11 victims were kinda ‘used’ for the Bush campaign? Is that ethical right?

Fuck no. Those people died and their families suffer everyday. It just goes to show you how others weaknesses are just used to build someone’s strength.It is not right at all. He just got lucky with that whole unfortunate happening.

Aren’t you getting a bit tired of these Europeans constantly picking on the US? Have you any idea why Europeans do that?

No not really. I don’t pay attention enough anyway. I am more concerned on how I am doing day to day than what some people think about my country. We pick on everybody.

Back to the band; what are the goals for Saving Throw in the near future?

We just want to tour and write more music. That’s all.

Any last words?

I just you are pleased with my answers


The Shiled

Date: 2004-03-25

I’ve got 2 words for you, Saving Throw, please introduce yourself and the band, and tell us why you choose this name?

my name is bryan, i've been playing drums for the band for about two years now. i joined shortly after they recorded the "never on good terms.." EP, but before it was actually released. kevin sings and writes the lyrics, geoff plays guitar and writes most of the material, jarod plays bass and winks at girls, and ian plays guitar and dresses very well. the name of the band came from a janet jackson song i believe.

Saving Throw isn’t a familiar name in Europe, when will it be?

we had hopes for touring germany summer 2004, but i don't think we really took it seriously enough for a while. it takes a lot of planning and we kind of sat on the idea too long. the soonest you can expect the band to be in europe would be at the end of the year.

The Album is called “Never Race With Time” why did you call it that way and what do you mean with it?

kevin came up with title, and i immediately loved it. my take on it is simple.. just relax. i know too many people who rush through every day and worry about every stupid little thing. chill out dudes..

The Second release of Saving Throw also had quite a brilliant title “We’re never on good terms with the light” what is that all about?

at the time the band recorded this, they had just parted ways with two former band members, and a lot of things just didn't seem to be working out well for the band. i think that's technically what the title is about but i'm sure kevin or geoff could answer this one better than i can

The record is recorded with just 3 people, which people are doing the instruments on a show?

we recorded the full length over the summer of 2003, right after a 3 week tour. we had the studio time booked in august and we weren't really done with the writing/rehersal sessions for a few songs. infact, i remember learning one of the songs two days before we went into the studio. anyway, after the summer tour we decided to part ways with our bassist and rhythm guitarist because of conflicting musical ideas and some personal issues between us. it kind of worked out nicely because it gave the three of us more time to practice and make the songs tight, rather than worrying about all five members. by the way, those two guys now play in a band called no questions asked. if you ever hear them you'll know what i mean when i said "conflicting musical ideas".

Can you explain why you wrote the following song and what they are about:

since kevin writes all the lyrics, i'm not really the person to answer this one, but i'll give it my best.. Saving the world: sorry, i won't even attempt this one. The dangers of silence: i guess this song is just about misdirecting your bad attitudes in the wrong directions.A habit, not a Hangover: this one is about dudes with percocet addictions and bad tempers.

The first song is called “saving the world”, is Saving Throw a band with a deeper message(like politics or SxE).

again, kevin should be the one to answer this question, but i can tell you personally i'm not straight edge or heavy into politics. i think most of what kevin writes about is more personal than politics or ideas or even opinions.

I have read in you biography that Saving Throw is going to do an European tour in 2004, is this tour still going to happen and if so, when?

i kind of covered this one already, but as i said, we're planning a European tour this winter if everything works out.

Are there any side project we should know about?

me and geoff have had more side projects than i can even begin to tell you about. a few monthes ago we started writing songs for a (mostly) instrumental band that features geoff on guitar, jarod on bass, our friend brian from fordirelifesake on guitar and vocals, and me on drums.. the only real problem is brian lives 5 hours away, haha.. kevin, geoff, jarod and i also have a punk rock band in the works. get stoked.

Which are the band Saving Throw is Influenced by?

the only bands we're ever really compared to are shai hulud and strongarm(which is fine with me by the way), but our musical influences are far different from what you might expect. we all grew up on punk rock bands like nofx and lagwagon and if you came up to us at a show and mentioned pretty much any fat wreck chords band we'd probably talk your ear off. currently ian, geoff, and i listen to a lot of post rock like sigur ros, mogwai, and of course radiohead. kevin is addicted to coldplay and the appleseed cast, and jarod can be caught at least once a week rocking a texas is the reason t-shirt. if you watch us sound check before a show you can usually catch me and geoff playing sharks keep moving songs too.

Do you have any last comments/ famous words to say to our readers?

thanks for any interest in our band whatsoever. we hope everyone whose bought the record likes it, and we hope we see you when we get a chance to tour europe. oh and watch the glorious film wet hot american summer and listen to make believe.



Date: 2004-03-18

I've just read your bio and noticed that you're big All and Descendents fans, still you didn't step in the line of all the melodic punkrock bands. Where is this love from, and where do the metal influences come from?

All of us are punk kids at heart. My favorite all time band is Lagwagon (probably more like Bad Astronaut but you know what I mean). I am a huge Joey Cape fan. But Kevin (vocals) worships Descendents/ALL. Same with Bryan (drums) and Jarod (bass) but definitely not as much as Kevin. This might cause contraversy but I think ALL is better than the Descendents. There, I said it. Ha, anyways. We are into all types of music besides punk or metal. We listen to a lot of Post Rock and Indie Rock too. It's good to be open to all sorts of stuff. But my metal influences go out to Botch, Candiria, early Cave In, Stretch Arm Strong, Shai Hulud, Drowning Man, etc. I am into Opeth, In Flames, ealier Soilwork, At the Gates, just like the whole Gothenburg style metal. I can talk about music all day.

Has the american version of the new album already been released? Did you get any response from the fans?

Yeah, it's been released here since October. So far, the response has been pretty good. I think with this record we branched out a little more so kids that were more into the older stuff may not be into some of the songs on the new one. But at the same time, people who normally don't listen to Hardcore have gotten into the new record as well.

How much does the music on the new record follow the previous EP's path? What should we expect?

Well, some songs are pretty much on par with the older EPs. Some are more I guess "indie rock" sounding. I have written all the music for the band so I feel it's a natural progression with the music and all. I think with this record we have found a really nice niche.

If I know correctly, you’re planning on going on tour in Europe this summer. Have any of you ever been to Europe before?

Nah, Jarord (our bass player) almost made it once with this one band called the Last Year. They had a deal with Goodlife Recordings. He quit the band before they went out there.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced during one of your shows/concerts?

We were playing a weekend with It Dies Today. Greatest guys ever. Anyways, our bass player at the time (Sean) had an infected toe. Before one show, we ripped off the actual toe nail of the toe that was infected. The drummer of It Dies Today saw the whole thing and was totally grossed out by it. Then in the middle of their set that night when they were in between songs, Sean walked up behind the drummer and shoved his toe in the drummers face. Sean's 'ugly toe' actually touched his face. Then one of the guitar players of It Dies Today out of nowhere flashed Sean and the other guitar player was on the ground laughing hysterically. Good times.

What is the most irritating habit of each band members?

Myself-I am way to paranoid and have terrible OCD.
Kevin-Shits like 6 times a day.
Bryan-Sleeps an acculumation of 20 hours a day.
Jarod-Enjoys Subway a little too much.
Ian-Finds comfort in Polynesian Blinds.

Do you take any political stands? What do you think about PunkVoter.com?

Yes and No. I don't really follow politics too closely but since George W. Bush has been in office, I have followed it a lot more. I don't want to go into the whole invading Iraq thing because everyone has an opinion there. I think Bush has done a terrible job domestically. He has completed flooded the job market. The employment here is constantly dropping. But that isn't all completely political though. The Computer Industry has dropped a lot. When Clinton was in office, people thought, "He brought jobs to the US. He flourished the economy." He didn't. None of those jobs were even closely government related. The economy boomed due to Tech companies forming. And if you haven't noticed, most of those companies went under while Bush was in office. I don't think this really had much to do with Bush but just a drop in the Tech Market. It will pick up I'm sure, just don't know when. Once wireless gets perfected the IT field will be back up. Also, Bush's tax programs are complete bullshit. He constantly puts more money into corporations and taxes small businesses like you can't believe. Wow, that was a whole lot of ranting. Punkvoter.com. I think it's great. This will sound redundant but more younger people should get involved in politics. A majority of voters here in the US are senior citizens and more people between the ages of 18-24 should get involved and it's great that a sytle of music based around politics help contribute to it.

Are there any cool and underrated hardcore bands in your area you think we should know about right now?

There are definitely a few. Word as a Virus is one. They play stuff similar to ISIS-Oceanic/Cult of Luna sounding. Another Breath is an amazing melodic punk/hardcore band. Another one is Long Since Forgotten though I feel any minute now they will blow up. They are solid rock band. There is one band who I feel is definitely the most under-rated band around and they are the Minor Times. Definitely check out the Minor Times.

How did you end up being on a German record label? Are you satisfied with them?

Chris approached us shortly after the "We're Never on Good Terms" EP was released here about doing a Euro verion. He asked to do the full length on the label as well. We said yes because he's done an amazing job of promotion on the records. Chris somehow does the label and a band pulls it out really well. We get amazing responses from kids in Europe and we have never played there so he's definitely doing a great job.

What do you want to reach with your band? How famous would you like to be one day?

That doesn't really make a difference to any of us. If any kind of opportunity came our way and it looked good, then great. I mean, what would be so bad about playing music for a living? I don't really see it happening though. I don't see how the music could be marketed to a certain audience but hey, you never know.

Usual question for the end: what are your plans concerning the band’s future?

We hope to tour the whole Summer, if possible, come over to Europe. We really want to come over. We will be writing for a while as well. The new record really opened up doors for us to mess around with different stuff but I don't see it really straying to far away from the sound we have been playing for a while. Thanks a lot for the interview. Check out www.throwbeast.com for any updates on the band.


Broken Violence

Date: 2004-03-17

1) (www.brokenviolence.de) and my own small homepage (www.ncc-hardcore.de). Ok, Hey, this is Stephan from Germany and I am writing fort the Broken Violence E-Zine who am I talking to and how are you doing?

My name is Geoff and I play guitar for Saving Throw. I’m doing good, just keeping myself busy.

2) How have things with band been going lately?

Good. At the present moment we are taking a little time off but when Spring rolls around we will be in full force playing shows and writing (our bass player is on tour with another band right now). We will be doing a lot of touring this summer as well. Some of us are in college so during the school year, the band is a little slow. We play weekends and breaks but Summer is when we are in full force.

3) I heard that you founded your band on Halloween. Tell us in some few sentences more about the band-history!

The band has been around for about 3 and half years and has gone through a number of member changes. It really hasn’t made a difference on the band and its sound though. Kevin (vocals) and I are the remaining two original members. I write all the music and he writes all the lyrics so it works out well in the end. At the moment though, we are very comfortable with the line up. With the way things are going, I can see this being a stable line up.

4) In fall 2003 you released your new record “Never race with time” in the United States and last Monday it was released in Germany. How were the reactions on the new material?

So far, pretty good. We realize the new stuff is a little departure from the EP and the release before that. I think we might have lost a few people on the full length but more people that generally don’t listen to hardcore have gotten into it. This for me, at least is a huge compliment. It’s good to open people to new music.

5) How would you discribe your new record to somebody who has never herad it before and who has never heard of Saving Throw before?

Saving Throw is a melodic hardcore band that takes elements of different styles of music (punk, metal, indie rock) to make a complete and cohesive sound.

6) Personally, what’s your favorite song on the record and why?

My favorite song on the record is My Reward, the third song on the full length. There are number of reasons. First off, it was first full song where we branched out the style of music. Furthermore, with how the song came out, it gave us confidence to continue to branch out a little and progress with the sound. Also, I feel it is the best written song on the record in terms of key changes, time changes, and the way it flows in and out of parts.

7) What do you want to tell us with the art work of your new record? Or doesn’t it have any special meaning?

Nah there really isn’t any special meaning. The guy who does our artwork (Rob Antonucci) brought up a few ideas and we thought that best fit with the sound and the overall message of the record.

8) After I have heard the record for the first time, I thought: Damn, these guys gotta love bands like Poison The Well, Modern Life Is War or Atreyu! Would you agree?

Ha, alittle. Those bands are pretty good. I’m into Poison the Well. We listen to some hardcore. We listen to all types of music to be honest. We all love hardcore but are into all types of things.

9) Who were and who still are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence is Joey Cape. I am a HUGE Bad Astronaut/Lagwagon fan. With relation to the band, Botch was a huge influence in terms of writing. I don’t think many bands will be able to capture what they have done for hardcore. Another band is Candiria. Again, the amount of creativity those guys have is infinite. Stuff not hardcore related, definitely bands like Radiohead, Mogwai, Appleseed Cast, ISIS, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, and so on.

10) What do you know/think about the european hardcore scene or what have you heard of it?

I’ve heard a few bands and definitely a lot of bands in Europe are under rated. Newborn is one of the best hardcore bands I have heard in a while. Deluge is another really good band. I can’t really think of any other bands but from what I heard it sounds really good. It seems like people in Europe care more about the music than in the US. When I hear about bands that go over to Europe, they just say it’s the greatest thing. I’ve heard of a few bands saying they tour the US for fun but make a living playing Europe. I’m hoping we can get our stuff together and come over in the summer.

11) What are your five favorite records at the moment?

The Album Leaf-The One Day I'll Be on Time
Radiohead-Kid A
The Mercury Program-A Data Learn the Language
The Evening-Other Victorians
Mogwai-Happy Songs for Happy People

12) How do your future plans look like? Is there already an european tour planned?

Well, we will be touring the US for part of the summer and if we can get our stuff together hopefully we should be coming to Europe by late summer. So yeah, the European tour is in the works. We are really looking forward to it.

13) Ok, any last words to the european hardcore kids?

Thank you so much for the support. Seriously, we have never toured Europe and the responses we get from kids there is amazing. Our label in Europe, Let it Burn Records, has done a great job in promoting and putting everything together. But again, thank you to everyone over there for everything. Check out www.throwbeast.com for updates from the band especially for any future touring. Thanks a lot for the interview

Thanks a lot for the interview!



Date: 2004-03-17

1. Can you introduce us to the current line up of Saving Throw?

Kevin-vocals, Geoff-guitar, Bryan-drums, Jarod-bass, Ian-guitar

2. What was the motivation to start playing in a band? Did it all start in a dark, small garage-box?

The motivation to start a band came from such punk bands as NOFX and Lagwagon. I would even say Nirvana too. I used to play a lot of Nirvana when I was younger. But with Saving Throw, definitely stuff like older NOFX (Ribbed era) and older Lagwagon (Trashed) to Metallica to Stretch Arm Strong/Shai Hulud was a big influence in the beginning.

3. Which music style do you guys play?

We play Melodic Hardcore but incorporate different elements of music (indie rock, punk, metal) that is put together to make a cohesive sound.

4. Is there a meaning too you're band's name?

Nah not really. This is kind of lame. I watch some anime. Me and the first bass player were watching an episode of Dragon Ball Z and the name of the episode was ‘Saving Throw’. We brought it up to the rest of the guys and they were cool with it. A lot of people think it’s a reference to Dungeons and Dragons. None of us know anything about D & D.

5. Can you tell us something about the band history? Did you guys splitted up ever? Is it still the original line-up, etc…?

The band has been together for around 3 and half years. Me and Kevin are the only two original members of the band. It hasn’t changed the bands sound since I write all the music and Kevin writes all the lyrics. Bryan has been with the band for a few years now so I would definitely consider him to be a core member of the band. Jarod has been with us for about a half of a year. He’s working out great. Ian actually used to play for us and is now back in the band. We have been through many members. To be honest, this line up feels secure.

6. Can you tell us what following words mean to you?
-Straight Edge?
-Let it Burn?
-Saving Throw?

-Someone who has a strong belief against drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity. I do not consider myself straight up but I don’t smoke or drink.
-listening to My Bloody Valentine.
-Amazing. Great label that really looks out for its bands.
-A ruling of governed officials that keep law and order throughout its protected state. Some do it better than others.
-People who aren’t being true to themselves.
-5 guys who enjoy playing music.

7. I heard one track on the website of Let it Burn and that was the song ‘Waiting by the door’: totally my style, a lot of people will love this!
Is this song a standard for the whole album? What can we expect from ‘Never Race With Time’?

-Not exactly. I think all the songs are within the same style of music and are cohesive but may contain different elements that keep the songs unique without being too diverse. It’s pretty safe to say if you are into Waiting by the Door, then you will probably like the rest of the record. I would consider Waiting by the Door a nice mix of older and newer Saving Throw.

What was the inspiration for this new album? Where are the lyrics about?

-Musically, one of the biggest influences on me is finding the genius in Botch’s We are the Romans. Beyond being a great hardcore record, it is an overall amazing record in terms of how writing is applied to music that is heavily math oriented. It is so well written yet still the parts aren’t overly complicated. Other bands I guess would include Bad Astronaut, Candiria, and a number of different bands from different backgrounds. Lyrically-This is more a question for Kevin since he writes all the lyrics. Most of the songs are about personal issues including over coming adversity and those sorts of topics.
Will there follow Euro-tour in order to promote this album?
-Hopefully. We are in the middle of working it out. Check out either www.letitburnrecords.com or www.throwbeast.com for any future news.
What’s your favorite song on this new album, and why?
-Not including Shades of Gray which is more of a segue, my favorite song on the record is My Reward for a number of reasons. First off, this is the first song we branched out away from the previous material. I wanted to so something a little different with the music on the record and this was the stepping stone for it. Secondly, it incorporates time changes, key changes, and at the same time, I feel it is the best written song on the record. Another thing is we got to mess around with more interesting production techniques with the song.

8. Can you tell us the story behind the signing at Let it Burn? Was it love on first sight?

Soon after we released “We’re Never on Good Terms” EP in the US, Chris approached us about it being released in Europe. Blatherskyte (our label in the US) didn’t have any connections in Europe so it sounded like a good deal. Chris did a really good job of promotion and looking out for us. Since he did such a good job we decided to release the full length with him as well. So far, it’s doing really well.

9. Do you guys have any plans in the future?

Well, we are taking a little bit of time off at the moment. Our bass player is on tour with another band at the moment. Once spring rolls around, we will be at full speed playing weekends and breaks. We will be touring the whole summer on the full length in the US and hopefully coming over to Europe as well. Also, we will be doing a little bit of writing through out the year.

10. Any last words…?

Thanks a lot to everyone who is supporting the band especially since we have not any touring doing in Europe. Also, thanks to Chris for supporting the band within the past few years. Again, check out www.throwbeast.com for any updates on the band. Thanks again to everyone in Europe for the support.



Date: 2004-03-17

1. Sell yourselves to a group of buyers at a trade meeting who know nothing about you or your product.

Ah, this should be interesting. At one point in my college career I was going for a minor in management. Here we go: With the world today bringing along clones of reputable sellers, not very often does a product really stand out in today’s fast paced economy. When there is a need for a product, you must research its strengths. When there is a want for a product, you must be at the fore front of its competitors. Here at Saving Throw, we can guarantee quality and a need for what the people want because after all, we are consumers ourselves.

2. Loose some words on the bio of Saving Throw.

We formed on Halloween in 2000. Between then and now we have released a demo, a 7 song MCD by the name of “Where’s Solidarity in an Unfaithful World” on Caught in the Rain Records that was recorded in May of 2001 and was released in the fall of 2001. We then put out an EP in the summer of 2002 by the name of “We’re Never on Good Terms with the Light” on Blatherskyte (US) and Let it Burn Records (Euro). Then in fall 2003/winter 2004 we put out a full length on Blatherskyte Records (US)/Let it Burn Records (Euro) by the name of “Never Race with Time”.

3. How long are you around, were you active before?

We’ve been around for 3 and half years. Throughout this time, we have been fully active as a band. The only thing is we have gone through many members so the only originally people in the line up are myself (Geoff) and Kevin (vocals). It hasn’t made a bearing on the band or anything because since the beginning I’ve written all the music and Kevin has written all the lyrics.

4. Tell me something about the making of from your Album. Was the result to record the CD a concept or a change? What was the idea?

The record wasn’t a concept record or anything. I think we just approached the record at a song by song rate. Work on that song at ground level and then just build it up until it feels finished. Since we did spend a lot of time on the songs individually, it’s hard to stay focussed as you are working on them. So usually, I would be working on 4 or 5 songs at one time. This way I wouldn’t spend too much time on one and then not enough on another.

5. And what are the lyrics about? Is it more personal, more political or anything else?

This is more of question for Kevin. I would have to say the lyrics are definitely from a personal view. They don’t deal with relationships though. It’s more of a concentration on different aspects of life, friends, family relationships, and the in between.

6. Special! What a the story behind the two Songs “Shades Of Grey” and “A Habit, not a Hangover”

Ah, well Shades of Grey is more of a segue/interlude type song. We had another real Saving Throw song that really wasn’t up to par with the rest of the songs on the record. But with Shades of Grey, we just didn’t want the record to get too monotonous so we tried throwing a curve ball in the mix and I feel it was pulled out well. It’s more something you might find on a Mogwai or Sigur Ros record but it was really cool to incorporate a song like that into the record. With the lyrics and Shades of Grey, Kevin just brought up the idea of those few lyrics and it fits well musically with the style of the song. Habit not a Hangover is the oldest song on the record. It was written around spring of 2002. Lyrically, it was the last to have lyrics. About two months before we recorded the full length, we had kicked out the bass player and guitar player. We had been having problems with them for a while and it was the best decision. But anyways, when we were going through hard times with them, Kevin wrote lyrics that summed up the whole situation really well.

7. What is the main message, which you want to transmit with the Album “Never Race With Time”

I don’t know if there is any kind of message throughout the record. In terms of the title, I look at it in the sense of how certain people procrastinate. In the sense they feel that they are invisible but in retrospective they realize some of their actions may have had more impact than what they thought.

8. General, do you guys have any lifestyle or political agendas?

Lifestyle, not really. Me and the bass player (Jarod) don’t drink or smoke but we don’t really go by Straight Edge. Bryan and Kevin drink a whole lot of beer. In terms of political, nah not really. We are all heavily in favour of getting Bush out of office but in terms of being active in politics, none of us are really active.

9. Have you released some other stuff before your new CD?

Yeah, we’ve released a few records. Back in fall of 2001, we released an MCD by the name of “Where’s Solidarity in an Unfaithful World” on Caught in the Rain Records out of England. It’s been out of print for a few years. Then we released an EP by the name of “We’re Never on Good Terms with the Light” on Let it Burn Records (Euro)/Blatherskyte (US) in Summer of 2002.

10. You released your new CD here in Germany on Let It Burn Records; how did you get in touch with the guys at Let It Burn?

Shortly after our EP “We’re Never on…” came out in the US, Chris approached us about doing a version of in Europe. Josh (the guy who does Blatherskyte) didn’t have any European connections so we thought it was a good idea. Chris has done an amazing job for us. We’re very happy with the time and effort he’s put into the records.

11. What has shaped you into the musician and person that you are today?

I would probably say since I got into more different styles of music/bands (e.g. Radiohead, Mogwai, Flaming Lips, and so on), it has dramatically improved my playing. It has really made me look outside the box when it comes to writing music. The greatest thing about those types of bands is the simplicity of the music yet, the undertones of the music are very well layered/textured. Not to mention the creativity these bands put into their songs. I better stop here, I can talk forever about that type of stuff.

12. What does is mean to your self, to life that hardcore lifestyle. In your own words, what is hardcore lifestyle?

Hardcore is about being your self and being true to who you are. It’s the same philosophy in punk which is where our backgrounds come from. What happens around here is a lot of people get involved into hardcore for all the right reasons but once they get involved, they get this elitist/clicky mentality that gets awfully annoying. Eventually, they don’t form the opinion that they once had and go by trends. It’s not like this everywhere. We have played some amazing scenes where one band might be metal, another indie and everyone is just into everything. It’s really cool.

13. How do you feel about doing interviews and talking about yourself and having specific questions that you've heard thousands of times before to answer?

Yes, it is very weird answering questions about myself and I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say this. It’s bad to say this but at first it was embarrassing answering questions but eventually it becomes pretty formulaic. I have no problem answering questions about the band and all. It’s really cool to see that people have an interest in the band so any questions are welcomed.

14. What are your plans for the future? When can we expect a tour across Europe and Germany?

Hopefully this summer. We really want to come over there. We get amazing responses from people all over Europe and we have never even been there before. We have a lot of stuff going on this summer in terms of our personal lives so it’s hard to tell as of right now. Plus I have a good friend of mine in Germany who was an exchange student in the US and I would love to see.

15. Thanks for your time. Feel free to end with any final words...

Thanks to everyone in Europe for supporting us through out the years. Special thanks to Chris for all his support, money, and time he has put into us. For any updates on the band, check out www.throwbeast.com. One other thing, do not listen to Johnny Greenwood’s Bodysong on headphones while doing an interview. It leaves for some weird answers. This was the first and last interview I will do that with. Thanks again to everybody




Date: 2004-03-17

Hi there! I'm Thomas and I would be glad if you could answer the following questions for my cd rom zine WITH LOVE, THE UNDERGROUND, maybe we can even meet when you're on tour and I'll do a gig review for the other zine I work for, which is - you guessed it - not that much underground.
By the way, I really, really like your releases and I'm happy that some bands can still amaze me.
So keep up the good work. Okay .... here we go

0. Name, age, job in the band, job when you're not playing in the band, hobbies

Geoff, 21, Guitar. I am finishing up college right now and have a part time job. I write/record a lot of music in my spare time. Like lots of other people, I kind of have my own songs that I just mess around with myself. And if you haven’t guessed, I listen to a lot of music as well. I also watch all types of movies. Anyhing from Drama, Classics, to Foreign.

1.What happened to your former band ONE CAN ONLY HOPE and why did you break up back then?

Few different things. We started out with two singers (Kevin-who sings in Saving Throw and Andy). Andy wanted to just go on and do different things musically and artistically. He sings in a band called the Audios and he is a good friend to the band. Then shortly after, we were having some problems with the drummer we were working with. We just decided, let’s start with a new name and just continue what we were doing. When we first started Saving Throw, we used a few songs from OCOH and recorded one of them that can be found on the demo.

2.What do you think differenciates SAVING THROW from all the other bands out there?

I think from our experience and background as a band we have brought different stuff to the foreground. We all listen to and play all sorts of music that have just made us better at what we do. Yet, at the same time I don’t feel we really have gone to far off from our original direction.

3.SAVING THROW started out as a five piece and on the band picture of "Never Race With Time" one can only see three guys, how come?

About two months before the recording, we were having problems with the current bass player and other guitar player and it eventually lead to them getting kicked out. It wasn’t really that big of a deal though. There’s even a song on the record about it. I had played bass on all the records up to that point (besides the demo) and the majority of the guitars. Another thing is I write all the music so in some respects it was easier too.

4What does the album title mean to you?

To me, I feel the title is about procrastination and motivation. Many people have the mentatlity of „I’ll do it later“ so it’s a possitive message that everyone can live by. Kevin came in with a few ideas and we all agreed on that one being the best and I’m really happy with it.

5What do you want to convey with your lyrics?

This is more of a question for Kevin. He draws upon personal situations. Not so much relationships. Everything from Confidence issues, friends, stuff that has happened in his life, etc...

6How long did it take to record the songs?

Well, track number 7, Shades of Gray, was recorded at a friends studio. It was meant to be a segue. It took around 3 days to record that. That’s why we didn’t do it at the real studio. Plus at the same time we got to mess around more with different tones, levels, and other stuff without having to worry about time or money. But with the actual recording, it took 11 days and then a day of mastering.

7Did you have to finance the recordings yourself or how did things work?

Originally our US label (Blatherskyte) and German label (Let it Burn) were going to split it in half. When we got to the studio we realized we needed more time and as it was, we financed a lot of it ourselves. It got pretty expensive.

8Which line on the new album is the most important to you? Why?

Probably the line in To Friends that goes, „Singing songs of our youth that bring us together as one.“ It’s a reference to an amazing touring experience we had last summer with Fordirelifesake. We played this house show I think it was in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it was around midnight and everyone from both bands were hanging out on this porch. Brian Southall (the guitar player of Fordirelifesake) took out his acoustic guitar and we all started singing/playing older Fatwreck/Epitaph punk songs. Good times.

9Are there any sports enthusiasts in the band or isn't your name connected with sports?

Nah, the name doesn’t have to do with sports. I’m into hockey but not as much as I used to be. Kevin on the other hand is really big into sports. Both Kevin and I played Lacrosse in High School. Kevin was really good too. He could have gone off to college for it. This is embarrasing but the name comes from a Dragon Ball Z episode. It was the name of a particular episode. I watch a little anime.

10"Where's Solidarity in an Unfaithful World" was released on the English label Caught in the Rain Records? What's the story behind that?

We recorded it in May of 2001. Mark from Caught in the Rain approached us in the Summer of 2001 about releasing it and it came out in the Fall. We eventually ran out of copies over the Summer of 2002 and asked Mark for more. He told us that he ran out himself but wasn’t going to re-press it. So if you got your hands on it, you are one of the 1000 people with a copy. In terms of re-releasing, I doubt that will happen.

11Did you think about rerecording these songs for "We're never on good terms with the light"? Or didn't they fit into the concept?

Actually, the old bass player brought that up and we were considering it but when it came down to it, it really didn’t fit with the rest of the songs. He actually brought up an idea about doing the first song on „Where’s Solidarity...“ but that definitely wouldn’t have fit with the rest of the record. We actually had one song didn’t get recorded for the record but was written around the same time as the other songs. It wasn’t at the caliber of the other songs.

12What is your ultimate goal with the band?

Just to have fun really. Making a living off the band isn’t really an option so just to go out, play shows, and write the best the songs that we are capable of. If it was possible to make a living off of the music, that would be amazing but I don’t know if that would be possible but you never know.

13The new record sounds pretty rough, did the fact that you lost a guitar player contribute to that? Or did you record with two guitars?

Nah, it didn’t have anything to do with that. In terms of the overall quality, it is definitely rougher. We didn’t have a lot of time to mix the record. We did what we could with the money the labels gave us and what we put into the record. With the playing on the record, I feel it’s really really tight. That was part of our problem, we spent to long tracking it. There’s a bunch of guitar layering on it which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We also got to mess around with more studio oriented things, like effects, guitar swells, and so on.

14You seem to work a lot with Rob Antonucci, who is he?

Rob is amazing. He does a lot of artwork for bands in the Central New York region. He’s played in such bands as Union, Dead to the World, Building on Fire, Marathon, and so on. Right now he’s a art teacher for a high school. To check out more on Rob, go to his company at www.luchadormedia.com

15What do you think about endorsement? There's the web address of Texas Clothing in the booklet. What's it all about?

If the endorsement is something you like or something you believe in then yes, it’s a great thing. That’s our friend Ted’s clothing company. At the time, it was pretty new. He asked us if we would mind being endorsed by him and of course it was cool. He’s actually getting a lot bigger around here now.

16What's the chupacabras - joke in the thankslist all about? Isn't that spanish?

Haha, oh yeah. When we went on tour with Fordirelifesake last summer, their drummer Justin and Bryan (our drummer) formed a new band called the Chupacabras and the Coffins in the Spanish. If songs are ever formed, it will sound like a mix between darker Misfits and Joy Division. It will be amazing.

17And last but not least ... what's next for SAVING THROW?

At the moment we are taking a little break. Our bass player is on tour with another band at the moment. He will be back at it in Spring. By Spring we will start playing weekends and breaks. Over the Summer, we will be doing slome extensive touring throughout the US and hopefully in Europe. Check out www.throwbeast.com for updates. Thanks a lot for the interview.


Silent Stagnation

Date: 2004-03-17

Can you please introduce yourself and the band to me?

My name is Geoff and I play guitar, the rest of the band is Kevin (vocals), Sean (Bass), Joe (guitar), and Bryan (drums).

Your EP "We’re never on..." was released on Let It Burn in Europe but in the US by Blatherskyte, why did you do a label-split release?

Originally we signed a deal with Blatherskyte to do an EP and a full length, then about 6 monthes ago, Let it Burn approached us us about doing the same deal but over in Europe. The band and those guys all agreed to let Blatherskyte do all the stuff in the US while Let it Burn do all the stuff in Europe. So far it's worked out great.

I think the layout is a little bit different, right?

There's a couple of differences with each layout, the Euro version is a little more detailed, but with the US version instead the purple on there, it is turquoise and obviously alittle less detailed. More or less then same design.

Why did you make ti different?

Chris from Let it Burn originally asked if we had any different layout ideas. I talked to the guy who did the layout and as it turned out he had another version of the layout so it kinda just came all together.

I can’t imagine that bigger labels weren’t interested in releasing your stuff?

Thank you. well, at the time we were still pretty small but once the EP came out we have had some people talk to us about possible things. Everything is kinda up in the air after our full length will be released.

But you will definetely do the upcoming full length with Blatherskyte and Let It Burn?!

Yup, we're happy with both labels.

The songs are for real just 11 minutes long. Why did you only make such a short EP?

There are a couple of reasons for that. About a month before we were gonna record the EP, our old drummer's grandmother passed away and he had to move far away. I asked a close friend of mine to play drums on the recording but he lived far away too. I think we got those 3 songs down in 4 or 5 practices and just recorded them. We were really short on time but I'm happy how everything turned out.

What is the story behind the title "We’re never on good terms with the light"?

Kevin made that one up, I think it's just some sort of reference to bad luck especially around the time of recording, we were pretty stressed out on whether we could cut the dealine and all.

Who is the person on the cover of the EP?

Haha, this is a funny story. Ian (our old guitar) went out with that girl (I think he even went out with her twice). Anyways, one day she said to Ian, "Hey, check out this picture" and it was a picture she took of herself. He suggested that we use it for the cover. So I thought of taking that picture but making it look like a cartoon/anime looking. Rob (he does the artwork) sent it over and we liked it to tell you the truth I think she talks shit about us due to her whole thing with Ian and all.

Can you tell me something about the "Where's Solidarity in an Unfaithful World?" EP? It was never available in Europe I think!

Actually, it was released in England by Caught in the Rain Records from what I gathered, he did do a very good job with the distro and stuff on it.

Oh really? I never heard of you till the CD on let it burn came out!

Yeah, Chris is awesome.

Your bass player Dave left the band after that CD, were there any personal conflicts?

There were alot. First off, he was my roomate and best friend for a long time. He owed me a lot of money (and a lot of other personal things I would prefer not getting into) and out of nowhere disappeared. We believe that he went into hiding somewhere.

Really, you can't find him?

Nope, he lives somewhere in Syracuse, he doesn't go to shows anymore, we have no idea where the hell he is.

You made a summer tour with Building on Fire, can you tell us something about the experiences there? .

A lot of stuff happened but I'll mention one, we got kicked out of Canada for a year. I'll go into detail about it. We were were supposed to have 2 shows in Canada on tour. We got to the border patrol and they thought we looked suspicious so the pulled the van over and searched it. We told them we were going up there to record. Well, so we wouldn't get charged anything extra, we hid all our merch inside our bags. They went through our bags and found the merch so we got fined for that but then they found our real itenary in the van and found out we were actually playing shows up there rather recording. We had to wait in customs for 6 hours and after being finger printed and getting mug shots of us, are now convicted fellons of Canada. If we enter Canada anytime before July 17, 2003 we will go to court and furthermore probably be sent to jail in Canada. As you can imagine, the whole thing totally sucked.

Oh my god...Canadians are crazy...

Yeah man, the border police are tough!

Will you never go to canada again?

Well, we might go back once our "probation" is over. It sucks because we gotta pay them a lot of money for a working permit. Most likely if we did that, we would come back breaking even.

You had a lot of other line-up changes!! Did that influenced the band and its sound?

Oh yeah, I think we actually figured out at one time that between all the members and fill-ins we've had, it comes to a total count of 10. Actually it hasn't affected the sound. I write all the music and Kevin writes all the lyrics and we are the only two original members so it works.

I've seen that you are using some japanese comic graphics, do you like anime movies and stuff like that?

Yeah, actually I'm the only one that's into anime both comics and movies. We're actually all really big into movie type stuff. Dude, Blade of the Immortal rules also movies like X, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D. Good shit.

How would you describe your sound to anybody who never listened to your music?

I would say melodic hardcore but with more of a concentration on melody always trying to mix up things so the music doesn't get boring.

What would you call your big influences? I can often hear parts Poison The Well or Shai Hulud are known for!

Actually, with me, I think those bands are real great. We play a style of music as those bands, but for me my influence is elsewhere. I'm more influenced by Punk and Metalbands like Inflames, Soilwork, Lagwagon, Botch, and so on. Lagwagon is probably my biggest influence. Joey Cape is my all time favorite song writer.

What is that Nascore thing of your homepage?

Haha, this is good. Me and Kevin are in a band called Die Like Dale. Anyways, we sound like Gorilla Biscuits meets Hatebreed, youth crew sounding with brutal breakdowns. Oh yeah Dale as in Dale Earnheart. We get a lot shit for that but we're just joking around. We cover a Pink Floyd song, "Another Car Hits the Wall", peoeple generally don't find it very funny.

Oh I think it sounds funny! hahaha

Once we get our act together with the band we'll post mp3s and lyrics and stuff on there.

Great! so it's something serious?

Nah, we're just joking around but we play shows and everything.

What is Throw Puppet Porn?!

Haha, now you're getting into the dark side of the throwbeast. well, it was a joke me and my brother did, we wanted to do this whole thing with puppet porn. but it wasn't puppet porn, it was going to be my cat playing with string while cradle of filth was in the background. the video is like 2 minuntes, it's really rediculous.

But it isn't downloadable?!

yeah, something is messed up with it, I have to fix it, I'll get it up and going within the next couple of weeks. just wait, it will be worth it.

What can we expect from the ThrowBeast within the next time?

we are hard at work with our full length and it is coming a long great. Definitely the best stuff we've done. We are touring throughout December/January. the full length should hopefully be out by early Summer and if everything works, we will be touring the majority of the summer.

Also in Europe?

Yeah we're hoping we can come over to Europe if we do, it would be somewhere around late May.

great, so thank you very much! your last words?

Yeah, check out throwbeast.com for the latest info on the band, also check out Letitburnrecords.com and Enterprisehardcore.com for any related stuff to the band. thanks man



Date: 2004-03-01

1. Hey guys, you're really young for a band that produces such an overwhelming album.
When did you start to make music?

First off, thank you very much. That's a very nice complement. The band started about 3 and a half years ago. The only two original members are me (Geoff) and Kevin (vocals). It hasn't made that big of difference in the sound or anything. From the beginning, I have written all the music and Kevin has written all the lyrics. Bryan (drummer) has been with the band now for 2 years as well so that's been the stable core of the band for the past few years.

2. What was your aim when founding Saving Throw?

Musically, just to be able to progress with your instruments and writing. Then also, be able to do some good tours. So far everything has gone way past than what we had ever thought. Though, I still feel there is much more ground for us to cover in terms of musically and touring wise.

3. You are from Syracuse, N.Y. Are you close to other bands from this area and which ones especially?

Yeah, we have many friends around here. We are friends with such bands as Ed Gein, Long Since Forgotten, This Afternoon, Another Breath, Word as a Virus, and so on…

4. Tell us more about the HC-scene in this city. Are there a lof of clubshows?

Yeah, lots of shows. The main promoter around Syracuse, Matt Dunn, has done so much for the scene around here. He brings in all the biggest names around plus there is a new venue around here by the name the Furnace which is a dream venue. Things are looking really good around here.

5. Is the scene separated or is it a unity?

Eh, it could go both ways. From what I understand, there have been some crews around here that kind of act like idiots but we stay far clear from that jock mentality thing. These people are our friends and stuff but they can definitely get carried away. All and all, within the past year or so, the scene around here has really increased size and popularly which is definitely a good thing.

6. What about the straight edge thing. Anything for you or nothing for you?

The bass player (Jaord) and I are straight edge but we don't call ourselves straight edge or anything. Bryan and Kevin are the farthest thing from straight edge but they respect Jarod and mines opinion.

7. If you are asked to describe the style of your new album "Never race with time" what would you say?

I would describe us as a Melodic Hardcore band that combines elements from different styles of music to make a cohesive/unified sound.

8. For sure there are some bands that influenced you. Which ones?

My biggest all time influence is Joey Cape of Bad Astronaut/Lagwagon. Whenever I listen to "Houston: We have a Drinking Problem", it feels like it's my first time listening to it. Other bands that have really inspired me are bands like Radiohead, Botch, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Grandaddy, and so on. I really like ISIS-Oceanic a lot. I am a very big Radiohead fan. Actually, as I am typing, I am listening to Kid A right now. All those bands just have such a creative approach to music. When we do interviews I think people expect us to say Shai Hulud, Poison the Well, and those types of bands. Those bands are great bands and all but we don't really listen to them. We've been playing this style of music for a while and I feel the only way to really progress with the music is to stay in the same context of the music. As you have noticed with the new record, there are some new elements with it but all and all; it's a Saving Throw record.

9. Where the hell do you get dildo drum sticks from and what do you do with them when you're not playing drums....*ggg*?

Hahaha, Bryan and his shenanigans! If you asked him that on a night when he was drinking you probably get the greatest answer ever.

10. How did you get in contact with Chris from LET IT BURN RECORDS?

After we released "We're Never on Good Terms…" EP in the US, Chris approached us about it being released in Europe. We agreed to him putting out the EP and when we got around to full length we definitely wanted to go back to him for releasing the full length in Europe. Chris has done an amazing job for us. We can't thank him enough.

11. Well, what does HARDCORE mean to you? Do you see the development that HC is getting a fashion more and more?

Hardcore to means, just be yourself. The hardcore philosophy obviously came from punk and we are all pun kids at heart. Generally, kids involved in hardcore do there own thing and that's why scenes development. Everyone has a passion for the music. Like for example, we can play a show where a metal band would play followed by an indie band and all the kids will support both bands. It's a great thing. But it's not like that everywhere. Other scenes are obviously more trendy and just stay in one mind frame and that's it. If you are referring to fashion-core type stuff, then yes I can definitely see it moving in that direction. I'm sure these bands that play that stuff enjoy playing it but I think to a lot of kids, the image of it may mean more than the music or the message. And it that sense, it's definitely moving out of the hardcore community and into other territories.

12. You are only three in the band. How does Geoff manage to play guitar and bass at the same time?

I am that good. Trust me. Nah, I'm just messing around. About two months before we recorded the full length, we kicked out the bass player and guitar player. We had been having problems with them for a while and we just had to let them go. Which in terms of the record, it didn't make a difference. I write all the music anyways and in some respects it made the recording process much easier. Plus, it really gave us the opportunity to do some different stuff with the record that the other guys really weren't into.

13. America is facing the elections. Which guy would be the best president in your eyes and why?

Good question. Definitely not Bush. That's for sure. I would then say Kerry even though he doesn't have the most solid background either. But if it was between the two, I would vote for Kerry.

14. How do you like to spend your sparetime?

Well, besides the band, I am in college and work a part time job. But when all three aren't going on, I write a lot of music. It's more in the vein of Mogwai/Sigur Ros sounding stuff. It's just a lot of fun to do on the side. I can write a riff a few riffs at my computer, put them together, record them and then just add onto it. A lot of it is spontaneous. I also watch a lot of movies, anything from Drama to Independent to Foreign. Especially, there is this one German movie I love by the name of Lola rennt (Run Lola Run). Great movie. Another great German film I really enjoyed is Stalingrad. A foreign exchange student from Germany told me about that. Oh yeah, the Princess and the Warrior is another great one.

15. Which are your aims for the rest of this year?

For right now, we are taking a little of bit of a break. Our bass player is on tour with another band and won't be back until spring. Once he gets back, we'll be back to playing weekends and breaks. We will be touring the majority of the summer. We'll see how things look but if we can get our personal stuff out of the way, we might be able to come to Europe.

16. Is it right that the life as a band on the road is not that easy inside the USA? Are you already one of those bands that are on tour all the time?

Nah, not at the moment. Some of us are in college so we can't be a full time band. We tour over winter, spring, and the entire summer. We definitely do get some miles in but we are not a full time band. As for full time bands, it's very hard being a full time band. Some bands are luckier than others I guess. It's always hit or miss with particular cities. The best thing to do is jump on a package tour.

17. What do you think when you read about being compared with SHAI HULUD?

Haha, it happens a lot. It's really cool. They are a great band. Yes, we do play the same style of music as them and there really aren't many bands that play this type of genre so I can understand why it happens. I never understand why we never got the Strongarm or Stretch Arm Strong tag. Rituals of Life is my favorite hardcore record, second definitely has to be Cave In Until your Heart Stops. I have friends who say to me, "you must have really liked that new Shai Hulud record?" And I say, "what the hell, 90% of the record was written before the new Shai Hulud came out!" Or even when kids say, "That one part sounds like such and such song" and I say, "Uh, I'm sorry but I haven't really listened to it enough to know what you're talking about." But I'm messing around. It's really cool.

18. Thanks a lot for answering my questions and I wish you all the best for the future and a lot of success with the new album.

Thank you very much



Describe your music, style and your band please

Saving Throw, my name is Geoff and I play guitar. We play melodic hardcore that takes elements from different genres (indie rock, punk, metal) and combine them to make one cohesive sound.

Can you tell me everything about your bandhistory please

We formed on Halloween of 2000. We had played in various other hardcore/punk outfits. We recorded a demo in Nov. 2000 and quickly got us some attention. We then recorded a 7 song MCD, “Where’s Solidarity in an….” In May of 2001 and was released by Caught in the Rain Records in the fall. We continued to play shows until we signed a deal with Blatherskyte Records in the US. Then in the winter of 2001 we recorded an EP, “We’re Never on Good Terms…” EP and that was released in the summer of 2002. Shortly after we were approached by Let it Burn Records in Germany and agreed to put that EP in Europe. We started playing out more and touring off those releases. We spent a majority of 2002-2003 writing and playing shows. Then after numerous tours, in the summer 2003 we recorded “Never Race with Time” which was released in the US in October and winter in Europe. I could go into the tons of ex-members but we don’t have time for that.

Tell me about the working of your album “never race with time”

It was definitely the most frustrating record not to mention the best experience in terms of writing and recording. We spent a really long time writing for it. Also, we branched out a little more on some songs which we had never done before. We incorporated more I guess ‘indie’ sounding parts but we really feel that it has made the music more dynamic, interesting, and overall more fun to play. This includes a segue “Shades of Gray” which is similar to something you might find on a Mogwai or Sigur Ros record. We recorded the segue at a friends studio so it wouldn’t cost a lot of money in the real studio. It’s a fairly textured/layered song that branches out from the rest of the record. With doing it in a different studio, we could concentrate a lot of time on tones, ideas, etc… but yet at the same time the difference in quality at the same time fits really well with the rest of the record (since the song is already a departure from the rest of the record). We recorded the record at Max Trax Studios (One King Down, Another Victim, Skinless) and spent 11 days recording it. At the time, we had kicked out the bass player and other guitar player so I played all the guitars and bass in the studio. It was a very stressful time but we feel it was worth it.

Whats about the title of the album, do you have a story about it?

Kevin (vocals) came up with the title. Originally like a year before we were going to record the record Kevin came up with the title, ‘Shades of Gray’ which is a great theme, talking about how people never really look at what’s in between in issues, like there is something more to the story. But then about 7-8 months later, Staind or whatever they are called came up with the same record name so we ditched it immediately. Then Kevin came up with ‘Never Race with Time’ which in itself is something we deal with all the time and others constantly, and that is procrastination. It’s a good title and I’m happy with the whole concept of the record.

Can you describe the differences between the new album and other old outputs?

Well first off, we broaden the scope of the music. As said earlier, they more ‘indie’ type sounding parts and parts in general you wouldn’t hear on the older releases. But to keep the music refresh and to broaden our horizons, it was for the better. We’ve learned a lot more from this record than anything else we have put out. The other records were straight up, 2 rhythms and a lead and with this one, we got to play around with layering, experimenting, and overall getting better at what we do. The music is written much better as well. There are more elements of timing involved and how they relate to writing smooth/coherent music. The music isn’t as choppy as the other releases meaning all the parts are more defined and flow better.

You changed your bassplayer, why? And who is the new man?

Ah, the Jackhammer (Jarod). Jarod is amazing. We’ve been through way to many bass players but Jarod is working out amazing. We definitely won’t be changing bass players anytime soon.

Is their a special meaning for your bandname saving throw?

Not really. This is kind of embarrassing but the name came from a name of a Dragon Ball Z episode. I am into some Anime. Me and the really old bass player at the time were watching it one day and a name of an episode was ‘Saving Throw’. It stuck so that was that. Everyone we talk to thinks it’s a reference to Dungeons and Dragons. I guess it’s a move or something. None of us know anything about D & D.

Who influenced you at most?

My biggest influence musically is Joey Cape from Bad Astonaut/Lagwagon. Amazing song writer. It’s interesting to see how every record he puts out just gets better and better. Then once Bad Astronaut-Houston: We have a Drinking Problem came out, it changed the way I look at music today. But in term of hardcore bands, bands like Botch, Candiria, early Cave In, Stretch Arm Strong, Strongarm, and so on….

Do you played in Europe before and what do you exeptc from concerts in europe?

We have never played Europe though we would love to come over there. Some of us work, some of us go to college, or both so it’s really hard to do the band at full speed. Over the summer we do a lot as a band but during the school year we primarily play on weekends and over breaks. If we can work everything out, we are hoping to come over to Europe this summer.

Whats your next plans? When do you will come to europe?

Well, at the moment we are taking a little time off. Our bass player is on tour right now with another band but he will be back soon and we will get back to playing shows. When summer rolls around we will be at full speed touring the US and then hopefully coming over to Europe. The response from kids in Europe has been overwhelming so we would really like to come over there.

Thank you for your answers

Thanks a lot for the interview and interest in the band. Check out www.throwbeast.com for news and touring



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