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Own Blood Magazine

Date: 2011-12-12

OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?

Hi! We're pretty busy these days, because Hellwakening came out a month ago and now we have a lot of shows and unfortunately our drummer left the band…so we have to practice a lot with the new guy, who is awesome. Our Hungarian tour is currently on with Till We Drop.

OBM: This being our first interview with you guys, fill all the readers in on the meaning behind your name and a little on what you guys as a band are about.

We started the band with the name Slaughter At The Engagement Party, it was a fun name inspired by a news show on the TV, as an anchorman said it I knew this is perfect :) At the beginning we just had fun but after that we recorded 2 songs - in the house of our guitarist's grandparents so it sounds like someone pissing into a steel bucket or something like that :) - and when we played a couple shows, we had a good reception and people told us 'this is good, keep it up', so we started taking it more seriously and started writing songs for the first EP. The EP's got great reviews and more & more people talked about it, came to the shows so we saw that we can do serious things with this band but the funny name didn't fit us anymore. While we wrote Hellwakening we had to split with our guitarist Tom, and with the new metalhead Andrew we tought that this is the time to make the step and change the name. The new name 'The Southern Oracle' is inspired by the novel 'The Never Ending Story' and it has an amazing meaning regarding our life and power of our fantasy. It's a story about a boy who's reading a book and he find himself in it as his alter ego who has to save Fantasy from the Nothing. This world is gonna be meaningless without our fantasy so we must keep it and don't let it be exterminated by the Nothing. The Southern Oracle is a heavily guarded place where the boy can find the solution to save his Fantasy.

OBM: You’ve just put your debut album through Let It Burn Records, care to plug it a little bit?

Yes it came out on the 21st October and so far, so good. We are really happy with Let It Burn Records. It is still pretty new to us to be part of something like this. They got some amazing bands and we are very proud to have joined them. We hope this is only a first step in an awesome future laying ahead of us.

OBM: How did you find your time in the studio for "Hellwakening"?

We enjoyed it so much, because it was awesome and at the same time it was so hard too. It took a long time but fortunately it wasn't a problem because we recorded at our drummers studio so we had endless time to make it perfect. We recorded the drums first and then the guitars and the bass. After that I listened to all the songs a million times and finished the lyrics and then we recorded the vocals. When we finished recording we spent so much time with the mixing and mastering to find the perfect sound for the album. Now we are satisfied with it :)

OBM: It’s an awesome album, are you pleased with the way it turned out?

Thank you :) and yes we're satisfied with the reactions, so far so good. A lot of magazines and webzines gave us pretty god reviews, guess that's good! But it just came out a month ago so we're trying to demonstrate it live. We have a lot of shows so we hope that it's just the beginning.

OBM: What’s your favorite track on the album and why? What is it about?

It's a very hard question :) Because we wrote that album with a lot of care, we tried to make it diverse and interesting so we like all the songs on their own way. But if I have to choose…hmm, maybe Fear Comes in Waves because the lyric of this song is my favorite. It's about my sight of this world and humanity and their actions against the Earth and all creatures. It's really good to play this song live, it has a lot of energy and the people feel it and most of the time they get really crazy when we play this one :) And my another favorite is Scarlet & Gold! It's the song that leads us to our next steps and portrays the future of TSO.

OBM: What is the significance behind the title Hellwakening?

We tried to express the epitome of the album in one word. It's about the nightmare that we're living in and hellish way of our lives. In my sight nowadays we are living in the worst nightmare because there can't be such evil things in normal life….but cannot realize this because we are all in the same nightmare so it's a vicious circle.

OBM: There is a lot of conviction and passion in your lyrics. What are some topics that we can expect and why did you choose to write about them?

As I wrote in the previous answer the general topic is the nightmare that we're living in. I mean the way of how we think and act with each other. I know it's just humanity, but I don't want to believe how cruel we are and I tried to show this with a metaphor of a nightmare where we cannot escape. I know that I cannot chage the world - and I don't want to - but if there are some people who read my lyrics and think about it and they could feel it their own, I can say those words were worth to be written!

OBM: So is lyric writing often a collaboration between all the band members?

It's an open door for all the others in the band. If they have any thought, they want to write it down or just say it loud I welcome it. It's our band so it must be about all of us! We are almost in the same age we, so have a lot of common in our way of thinking and the most important that we are best friends, so it's obviously very good to be in this together.

OBM: Are there any particular bands or musicians who inspire you?

Huh, there are a lot of bands and musicians who inspire us cuz we listen to a lot of music. There's of course a whole different kind of music in our music libraries and then we have a lot artists that we mutually like, for example the hungarian hardcore band Newborn or The metal gods Slayer and Metallica or numetal bands like Deftones. But we also love a lot of bands like Converge, Darkest Hour, Norma Jean, Himsa, The Ghost Inside etc.

OBM: Is there any other music that influences you that we wouldn’t expect?

I listen to all styles of music, cause music counts and not their genres. For me the most important is that the actual band/album/song should make any impression on me. The real good music for me must have intrinstic value(s). So I love Converge so much but I also love something like City & Colour.

OBM: What are some future plans now that you’re on Let It Burn Records?

We have a lot of plans :) The first is a European tour with our friends from SHOWYOURTEETH. They are very good dudes with great music and now they are our label mates so we cannot wait that tour to rock Europe! That will hopefully happen in April!

OBM: There are bands popping up all over the place. What about in Hungary? Any bands we should be looking out for?

Yes there are a lot of bands in here too. We played different cities with different people and bands and for now we have a few bands who are friends of ours and we love playing shows with them. So you must check out The Sharon Tate, Our Youth, Shell Beach and of course Till We Drop, our label mates!

OBM: So, what are you looking at for the next year or so of The Southern Oracle?

As I mentioned we're planning an European tour with SHOWYOURTEETH, it will be in April. I hope we'll have the eventual dates soon and then we'll announce it! Now we have a new drummer and it gave us new strength so now we're working on new stuffs and of course we want to play as much as we can in 2012.

OBM: Anything else on your heart that you would like to get to the readers?

Yes, one thing. We are not just a band, we are not just playing music. We are best friends and we are doing this with all our heart and minds, this is what we are about. And we are trying to do our best and if someone likes it and finds him/herself in our music it's awesome! We don't care about genres, trends or scenes, as it's about so much more. Hope to see all of our fans in the future, horns up!

Thank you for this interview,


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