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Dark Day Dungeon By Blood Undone

LiB 021 · 09/2005 · CD

Every notion you had of heavy music will be laid to waste. Switzerlands metal-tank is finally back with their second full length record. "By Blood Undone" lives and breathes hard work and stands as a testament of what 'heavy music' is really capable of. Brutality, Power and technical perfection blast from Dark Day Dungeon's latest offering. Recorded in Italy at Alpha Omega Studios (CATARACT ua) and mixed at Studio Fredman in Sweden (DARK TRANQULITY, AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, etc.). Artwork done by Dave Quiggle. For Fans of DARKEST HOUR, IN FLAMES & SHADOWS FALL.

1.Stars Fall From The Sky
2.Temptation's Plan
3.Cold Winter Days
4.Passion Of Death
6.Chameleon Effect
7.Dead Loss
8.God Of Deceit
9.Seed Of Fate

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Fire Alive

Author: Walter
Date: 2006-09-25
Rating: 9/10

Dark Day Dungeon "By blood undone" (2006 -Let It Burn Records-) Formed in Switzerland in Summer 1998 Dark Day Dungeon give new blood to
metalcore worldwide landscapes with their recognizable heavy style. Features by Christian Ebert (Ex Catarct's singer) Dark Day Dungeon
released in June 2002 their 1st official full length titled "Know your
enemy" out via the German based Let It Burn Records.
Dark Day Dungeon promoted those masterpiece through an intense European
tour, then they're invited to support American Undying in Europe. 120 shows played across 15 different countries: it must be enough to
blow you away.
"By Blood Undone" -out on September 2005 on the well known metal
hardcore label Let It Burn- was recorded at Alpha Omega Studios (COMO
-ITALY-) and mixed in Sweden by Frederik Nordstroem (At The Gates, The
11 songs concering about a powerful trash metal riffage in the style of
In Flames, The Haunted and Shadows Fall...but of course, in accordance
with an hardcore point of view.
It's done, Dark Day Dungeon bring fire to their compositions,
characteryzed by a persistent and fast drumming surrounded with growls
in the vein of Under Siege, Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn.
"By Blood Undone" is a well done resume of Swedish and death metal
bastardized with hardcore music spreading up granitic sounds and a wall
of violent devastation.
This music is brutal, this music is metalcore from Europe's heart, this
music is absolutely reccomended to everyone acts (everyday) with metal
and hardcore.
Compliments also to Let It Burn Records, of course. An excellent
release conceived as today's metal and hardcore music should sound

time and dedication fanzine

Date: 2006-05-08

Dark Day Dungeon; das ist aggressiver, atmosphärischer und sauber gespielter Metalcore aus der Schweiz. Vor allem der technisch hochwertige Gitarrensound schafft es immer wieder mich vom Hocker zu hauen. Das Artwork stammt von Dave Quiggle, der beispielsweise auch schon für All Out War und Shockwave Designs entworfen hat. Das lodernde gelb-orange, welches den Grundton für das Booklet und den CD-Print liefert, passt wie die Faust auf’s Auge zu den elf Songs auf By Blood Undone: lodernd, düster und einfach gut.

Insider Magazine

Author: Ingmar
Date: 2005-11-17

Dark Day Dungeon is back with a new album to attack our ears and stereos. They formed in the summer of 1998 in the heart of Switzerland. After a lot of rehearsing they released a self titled four-song MCD in the spring of 1999. With only one CD in the pocket they started touring through Europe. They visited Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and many more. They’ve played with Madball, Burdied Alive and many other bands.

The five guys planned to record their first full-length album in the early spring of 2001, but that was postponed due to the fact that their vocalist left the band. In August they found a new singer who joined them. Know Your Enemy, their first full-length was released in 2002. Things were going well….

…but not that well. Drummer (and founding member) and bass player quit the band at the end of 2002, but they quickly found two new members to strengthen their forces. They started touring with Undying. After that successful tour they started writing new songs. But New York’s heroes Pro-Pain offered them a slot on their tour and the band joined that tour too.

Back from a tour, still in form, the band entered their rehearsing space and worked on new songs. They recorded those with their current line-up. Having worked very hard on new songs, they are now back in 2005 with their new album: By Blood Undone.

By Blood Undone is the new masterpiece of the five piece band Dark Day Dungeon. From the underground scene of Switzerland they have risen. Hardcore mixed with Swedish metal. I have only heard Know Your Enemy once, but I have paid enough to compare that album with this one. I can say they become more technical and brutal.

By Blood Undone, their second full-length album, has a sound like the old Caliban and Cataract (the previous band of their current vocalist). You can describe this album as (melodic death) metal meets mosh. The first song of this album ‘Stars Fall From The Sky’ sets the right tone for the rest of the album. Brutal mid-tempo to fast paced pieces, they have it all. Dark Day Dungeon are true masters of brutality. Be sure to check out the songs: ‘Cold Winter Days’ and ‘Empty Words’.

The artwork is also very cool. It is made by Dave Quiggle, who also worked with All Out War, Shockwave, Rise And Fall.

There will be a limited picture disc LP version available.

“There will be blood on the dance floor...”

Silent Stagnation

Author: Marcel
Date: 2005-11-16

I really had big expectations for Dark Day Dungeon's album since their debut album "Know Your Enemy" was a true statement of brutality and anger but with "By Blood Undone" they exceed all of my expectations! Since today's metalcore bands start to add more and more harmonic pieces as well as clean singing or just play death metal Dark Day Dungeon are back with a vengeance of true metalcore that fuses the best elements of hardcore and metal to an unforgettable mixture! The album opens with pummelling drums and razor-sharp guitars till Mosh joins with his brutal low shouts. The complete song entitled "Stars Fall From The Sky" is pure annihilation, it's just incredible how these guys change from brutal mid-tempo to fast paced pieces! I often listen to bands where a few musicians are great and the rest of the band lacks but this is not the case with DDD, everyone of these guys know how to handle his instrument, from the guitars to vocals, drums and bass! What an opener and they just continue with the second song "Temptation's Plan" where they offer a fast paced melodic death metal tinged track that's over and over again interrupted by massive groove passages. At "Cold Winter Days" they step on the accelerator with the perfect blend of brutal mosh and metal tinged guitar leads but they also slow down at the end of the songs with another great grooving passage while Mosh shouts and screams at the top of his lungs. Whereat mostly Mosh offers low shouts he now and then throws in high-pitched screams which add the right alternation to his vocal assault. "Empty Words" was already available in advance and presents a nice bunch of metal styled solos paired with their stunning brutality. Contrary to a lot of bands this band is still true, true to theirselves and musical roots but still able to add innovations and make just good music! With "By Blood Undone" Dark Day Dungeon show the world who are the true masters of brutality, if it comes to Metalcore this is your reference, mean, angry, massive and brutal. They combined hardcore with the right portion of metal!

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